Egon som leietaker

EGON has a unique atmosphere in its restaurants. Combining vintage and rustic with a touch of modern gives the guests a homely and warm feeling.

The restaurants are also decorated after their location. The pictures on the walls are all black and white photos from the old days in that area. They are always a good conversation starter.

A lot of the decor represents what has happened her before. In EGON Uppsala there is plenty of bicycles hanging in the ceiling. At the bar even the barstools have pedals. This is to reflect that Uppsala has been, and still are, a city with a lot of bicycle history.

Uppsala is a huge student city as well and all the books in the restaurant is a reference to the University and the students. This is just some examples of many decor details that we know make the guests interested, is a conversation starter or make the

guests feel even more at home.